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Jungle Safari


Jungle Safari Bookings

Pench has been awarded the Best Managed National Park.

We Provide Assistance with the Pench Jungle Safari bookings on request.
In case you want us to book your forest entry, we need the following:-
1: 100% Advance payment required against jungle safari booking
2. To avoid disappointment you are advised to book early as Safari vehicles are limited
3. To enjoy the forests of both Maharastra & Madhya Pradesh please choose safaris on either side

For details of charges please call: 9422102560

Safari Gates 

Turia Main Gate 

Wolf Park Khawasa


Telia Buffer Zone 


Rukkhad Gate


Khursapaar Gate 

Sillari Gate 

Official Websites

The forest departments of PTR, both in Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra and very proactive and guest-friendly. You may contact our field directors for any concerns regarding conservation issues, park management issues or any other suggestions that you may have.

Madhya Pradesh


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