We are a boutique resort, located in Pench National Park, set amidst enviable lush green forest, Baaz Jungle Resort, an eco friendly Jungle Resort offers you a perfect environment to recharge yourself. It is enveloped by bountiful beauty of birds, beasts and biological extravaganza offering a rare opportunity of shooting around with your lens from dawn to dusk.

We believe in keeping our premises as natural as possible, hence we have a rustic and minimal look...

Commercially operational since 2005,  so far BAAZ has extended its hospitality to Indian and international Tourists. 

and we are always happy to serve you!

Baaz is blessed by a family of Flying Squirrels and Owls who have their permanent place of residence on the outskirts of BAAZ's premises.

We pledge to protect wildlife more than we want to do business...!

Witness the wild with us.....