Pench National Park & Tiger Reserve

Land Of Mowgli

Pench National Park or Tiger Reserve is one of the premier tiger reserves of India and the only one that spans across two states - Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. The reference to Pench is mostly always to the tiger reserve in Madhya Pradesh(M.P).Located south of the tiger reserve area in Madhya Pradesh, is the Pench Tiger Reserve, Maharashtra.


This reserve is considered as one of the most prime and critical tiger habitat remaining in central India.

Rudyard Kipling' , The Jungle Book Stories and the famous jungle boy Mowgli, Shere Khan, the tiger, Baloo, the bear are all set in a forest 'Seoni' which is part of Pench National Park.

Read the interesting information about the Pench National Park and Pench Tiger Reserve and about The Jungle Book on Wikipedia.

Places To Visit At Pench National Park

  • Turia Gate  -  Entry gate from Madhya Pradesh 

  • Karmajhari -   Entry gate on the other side of the Seoni range

  • Kohka Lake -  Lake View 

  • Ramtek & Khindsi Lake  - Lake View

  • Junewani Talao -  Wildlife at the pond site 

  • Kalapahad -  Highest point in the Pench National Park 

  • Piyorthadi -  Famous for leopard sight seeing 

  • Bodha & Bagin Nala -  Famous for Tiger sight seeing 

  • Chhindimatta - Junction of roads from Chindwara-Seoni-Maharashtra

Official Government Websites To Know More About Pench

​  Do visit Madhya Pradesh as well as Maharashtra government's websites to know more about the Pench National Park 



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